Friday, December 10, 2010

:::life changes:::

.....well i did it again, not keeping this page updated. life has been very busy since august. i am currently living in the land of "the boss",,yes springsteen. i am in ocean grove, a small historic town next door to asbury park. i am very excited to be in such an up and coming area. asbury park has grown on me,and i see myself staying there for a while. it's a very eclectic area with a mix of all types of people. asbury is a very artsy, modern place to live for creative people in all areas of the art world. it has more of an urban feel compared to south jrz. i really like the different feel to it. Surfing is also very good,,on a good swell of is still new jersey. the break known as "LA" (loch arbour), is one of the best, longest lined up waves in new jersey. i have seen it break on a solid south, or east swell. it's a right that reminds me of a california break, due to it's long rides. i am very happy with the life meg and i are starting in a new, unfamiliar, but exciting area. my boards will soon be available in Lightly Salted, Surf Mercado. it is located on the asbury park boardwalk. the owner scott is a very cool guy who runs a nice shop that appeals to my style. boards will also be available at Greenlight's new space in Belmar. it's too good to be true that brian opened this shop 5-10 minutes from my front door. i will be doing some shaping there from time to time. possibly doing demo's and giving shaping lessons. im also going to be doing some R&D with epoxy on my smaller board designs. the strength to weight ratio is something that has really peaked my interest. these boards will be available soon after i finish my research. epoxy has come a long way and might be the future of glassing. one can not be afraid of change if they want to advance and still be in the game, in these modern times. a couple skilled surfers will put them to the test in some solid winter swells. i will still be doing about 90% of my glassing with polyester resin. epoxy will not allow me to do glassing with my color work and designs. the epoxy boards will be primarily for performance...Pictures will be posted this coming week in all areas of my life during the past few months,,i am very happy and excited with my life right now..things are good, and only getting better.....thank you to everyone who supports me...........

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