Monday, April 5, 2010

triple deuce

speaks for itself.....

greenlight custom keels

these keel fins were made by brian at greenlight. the fins are made to fit the probox fin system. bamboo cores glassed with epoxy. i give him the custom template, he makes them, and i pick up in a week or two. custom fins really allow me to dial a shape in for a customer. brian does great work, and is a cool guy. props to the northeast...

almost finished, one more tease

this 5'11" will be available at fairman's in the next couple weeks. it's only hotcoated, not even fin boxes yet. all color work is done with resin,the only way. i liked it a lot so i wanted to share a few pics to generate some interest...board can be made to fit a quad or twin fin.

random bay shots, again...

shots of some logs on there way to the glassing shack soon, two 9'6" s, and a 9'er diamond tail....they will be available thru Fairman's come may 7th. the longboards dont sit very long. serious inquiries only

stephen & dennis quads

these are two quads, one 6'2" and one 6'0". just pic's of the foam,,no glass yet. 2 sweet shapes for the upcoming months of jrz peelers.

little tease for mimi

this is mimi's 5'11" twin fin..she is the most patient thing, much appreciated. knows the stoke, i can tell. the board is almost done, still needs the pinlines and resin stripe. i wanted to prove to her that it is almost done, i promise