Tuesday, December 29, 2009

////merry christmas////

....happy holidays to everyone.....i have been hibernating in the bay thru the winter months...sick glassing ideas for the new series of boards this spring..they will be entitled the "222" editions. very limited boards before this era ends. those who are close to me will realize the importance of why????such is life....i am wrapping up a few orders, then it is on boys and gals....cold sucks but it wont be long.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

{{{{{random bay shots}}}}}}}

these are some random pics from the shaping bay on tuesday. the fresh cut outlined blank will be a new 9'6"...it is one of a two part series. there are two different 9'6"s in the process of being built. no one has claimed these boards so i am going crazy with the glassing. if anyone becomes interested in purchasing, please email me....they will be built no matter what. there are also a few picks of 2 twinnines, sorry..they are sold..............i'll keep y'al posted

{{{{{random bay shots}}}}}}}