Wednesday, July 6, 2011

keep on keepin' on

things are moving right along in the new shop. i need another day and everything should be setup. i will post some pics this weekend for a glimpse inside. it's nothing exciting, but some people might find it interesting.

Friday, June 24, 2011

...NEW SHOP...

ill try and make this quick,,,shit is super busy. but it's funny because some people think i lay on the beach all day and have put boards beneath me,,,hahaha not true at all. i am in the busiest season to date with surfboards. most people dont know what i'm doing because i dont need to waste my time posting ever little aspect of my life on facebook. long story short i had to be out of "222" this week because the house sold, and i don't think the new owner wants me in their garage...i was prepared to take some time off to regroup and refocus.. concentrate on other parts of the business until i found a good garage to move into. garages can be few and far between if you are looking for something affordable, plus an owner who isnt worried about the glassing process. much for that idea of expecting time off. my lovely step-mother and father decided to look for me. sure enough, they found the perfect shop with an incredible deal. i cant thank them enough.... i need to keep building and continue to push to be the best on the east coast. i have the passion, drive, and talent to make that happen....i am picking up the keys today to my new shop in JRZ. i am very excited and stoked for the next chapter of my board building life. i will post pics and thoughts over the next few weeks about what is going on and what new ventures will take place...thank you again for everyone's support

Sunday, May 29, 2011

...Shaper's night @Fairman's...

Friday June 3rd is Shaper's Night at Fairman's in West Chester,PA. come out and support your local surfboard builders. most importantly, come and support Trill surfboards. there will be boards of all sizes, designs, and styles. i will have 4 boards to display, which will probably be the only Trill's available for a while. i'm temporarily not taking custom orders. i will explain in the next post. sooo,,if you want a fresh board for the season, friday night is your night. come to West Chester just to hang out and talk surf, trade stories, and make a night out of it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

...rasta stringer...

......brian from greenlight had some new blanks come in with rasta stringers. there are only a few available. i just finished shaping a 6'0" fish. it came out very nice. the board will be available thru a shop only. not sure which one yet. i'll keep everyone posted. pics of board coming soon....

Monday, January 31, 2011

nice new pleskunas shaping tools

Friday, January 21, 2011 i said,,i have been messing around with egg designs..this one will be a quad fin with a nice double concave. glassing results, coming soon...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

6'6". ..eggz

i have been designing some new egg templates/outlines. there are a few of these shapes in stock. they are designed to be fun mid length boards that adapt to all conditions. every fin setup will be available: single fin, twin, quad, tri, 2 + 1...bottom shapes will vary from rolled bottoms, flat, doule barrel and single concaves. bottom shape and fin setup will coordinate to make a smooth,fast flowing board. egg/mid lengths are great all around shapes for any experience level.


just a view of the current shapes in rotation..

fish in the bay <*((,((()))){{

this is a new 5'11" fish shape,,just a narrowed version of what i usually design. red foam, which is lighter but dense. it will be more performance influenced. i'm not 100% yet on the glassing schedule. polyester / epoxy..?? i have been mowing away and stockpiling shaped boards. Glassing pics will be up very soon,,i need some color on this page. custom shapes are always available, i'm just getting a line together for the few shops that stock my boards.

...$board for sale$...

6'4",, single bump,, wide diamond tail,,single fin/sidebites,, 2 3/4" thick,,

this board is currently for sale at Greenlight in Belmar, NJ... it is a great board for down the line cruising on a smaller board. meant for small-medium surf. why not try something different..? the shape is a retro/modern mix. it has a lot of volume for better float and paddling. very adapted to smaller surf. the board is flat finish with clear polyester glass,,stronger deck with added also comes with probox sidebites, single fin box with Christenson fin. the board is $575,,,,,never ridden. Greenlight Surf Supply,,727 17th ave,,Belmar NJ,,,,732-280-1608